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February 23, 2012

so my husband and I just packed up all of our belongings from our 650 sq foot apt and moved 50 miles to a new city to buy our dream home. oh and i also just started a new job in the new city to supplement our income and afford our house. crazy? yes. especially for a semi-comfortable-to-settle-but-hoping-for-more homebody like myself. I wouldn’t say I was happy at our apartment; it was quaint but I was in fact getting annoyed with the limit of space for myself, my husband, and our dog. and my husband’s video games. and my plants that all but perished in the last few months. no, I’m glad we moved. it is an excellent time to buy a house, especially for “first timers” like us, and the house had been marvelously upgraded by “flippers” with impeccable taste. we would not have been able to afford this house if not for the recession. it should also be said that our realtor, jimmy, was so knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process. don’t buy a house without an agent! that man was dedicated to finding (and “stealing”–his words.) our dream home and by golly, it happened! and i am so grateful. it is better to welcome change and all the scary newness that comes with it than to be stuck somewhere out of laziness. change is the place where blessings are found. besides, we have more than doubled our living space, met wonderfully friendly neighbors, and have begun building the life i always dreamed of in a home that is almost as beautiful as the view of the sunrise from the second floor.

second floor sunrise

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