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drink your tea while its hot

March 9, 2014

deep breaths.
be centered in the moment.
be imperfect. be amazing!
accept your skills and your passions.
accept your flaws and failures.
release control before it consumes.
play the hand you have been dealt.
create community right where you are.
you can stop searching now, for now.
reach out your hand for help, and to give it.
realize the need for change
instead of fluttering about
chasing dreams to the wrong places.
allow yourself to dream and discover.
dance! laugh! sing! with one another!
independence is liberating
but it can also be isolating.
don’t let it crush you.
don’t let the dark seep into your corners.
don’t let your light be snuffed out.
RUN! to your home, the place you feel safe.
where kindness runs like a river
and people tell you to eat.
don’t hate them for prying,
they only want to help.
accept the blanket of love they offer.
they will meet who you are now.
they care about you
always have, always will.

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