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April 1, 2014

friendships fade as others ignite
the common denominator is love:
genuine interest in sharing,
improving, caring,
kindness and patience and courageous nobility,
living a life of generosity.
life takes me here
and drops me off there.
somehow we’ll wind up at home
in our own skin
with our own way of living
following most of the rules,
only breaking a few.
learning from the best of us,
while mimicking the rest of us.
in the meantime, what our world needs most
is the best and the brightest-
use what unites us.
the resilient fighters-
maybe even writers.
the bleeding hearts,
with hands to work.
the social reformers,
the safe, clean conformers.
the politicians and businesspeeps
with their connections and charisma
the zealots, the free,
the religiosity.
apathy is our only enemy.
we see too much to walk right by
we know too much to stand on the side.
our world needs conviction,
people who come alive for real reasons;
not for chemicals or greed,
but for peace.
people who aren’t afraid
of where feelings take them-
whether turbulent or stable.
people who know we can make a difference
and who inspire others to believe.
people who are real and who aren’t afraid to live;
people who are free.

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