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one day there will be

April 11, 2014

how do i discover
the life of my future
where dreams will come true
where i will speak to the world
in my own way,
where i will live my own life
how i desire, how i see fit
while making a living
instead of glimpsing that life
in between work, sleep, chores, vices.
how do i become alive
instead of floating,
instead of acting like a machine?
i wish for a time
of no clocks
where money is of no consequence.
we will live in a home that is clean enough,
and only be efficient with a purpose.
most of the day
we’ll be laughing
as we’re cooking or cleaning
or tending to the garden.
we’ll be singing and creating
there will be dancing
there will be sharing.
camaraderie will drip from our lives
love will glow from our eyes
our hearts will be open and full
hugs will be plenty.
discussions for gently improving our world
will happen around a fire,
but it won’t end there.
we’ll have connections for change
because we are all connected.
we’ll work together to arrange
a better life for the rest
for the broken, for the beaten, for the lost,
for those who haven’t eaten.
we will cry, but that’s okay
’cause tears are feelings, too,
and this is how we know we are alive.
we’ll fall down, but will survive
’cause we’ll have each others’ arms as protection
and God’s love and direction.

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