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February 8, 2015

what will it take
for you to move on
if something’s not working,
if goodness is gone.
why live in pain
why choose the low road
your vision’s distorted
your actions, borrowed.

look at your life!
see where you are!
is this what you want?
how did you get so far?
you do have a choice
you can make a change.
where’s your inner voice,
is it estranged?

relish this space
to clear your head.
unknot your stomach,
untie the threads.
reach out your hand
for mine to hold-
believe that you’re strong,
not the lies you are told.

reclaim your life!
it is not done!
do not give up,
death has not won.
the giver of life
gives hope in despair;
pour out your woes
and release to his care.

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