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next door strangers part 1

May 12, 2015

every day we go out into the world
encountering souls encumbered by life
tired from our chores, our choices, our grief
only half living
searching for more, for help, for relief
living one day at a time
because that’s all we can manage

we’re strangers on this planet
alone and unknown
vulnerable to the careless desires
and destructive choices,
the irresponsibility of those in command.
aware of more than we can live with,
don’t have the tools to fix
so we choose to ignore.

so many distractions detracting from the elemental meaning
too many, “Good to see you”s,
not enough, “How are you truly doing?”s
our politeness is a hindrance to humanity at its core
for if we’re all here together,
what are we hiding for?

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