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November 16, 2015

Instead of asking, ” why did this happen?”
Or prowling for someone to blame
Ask, “what can I do?”
Choose to act.
Choose to put things back together.
Lend a hand, share your wealth, help your neighbor.
Seek out forgiveness, forgive yourself, forgive those who have wronged you and just LIVE, not paying any heed to the masses who have opinions on how life should be lived.
Choose to be alive with hopes, dreams, possibilities, savings for the future even when that future seems desolate.
Be a vibrant force of life in the face of death.

Courage is the opposite of fear, hope the opposite of despair, life the opposite of death.
With every fiber of our beings,
It is our duty to defiantly be a force for good,
Conquering evil with love.

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