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the experiences of life

September 22, 2014

it may be that you don’t have to travel far or do much, but what you must do is something. go. see. do. live. and then take time to marvel at the beauty of it all. as much as you notice the pain of the world, be amazed at the diversity and joy. God has not abandoned us in our desolate state, he has been by our side the entire time, ready to catch us when we fall. his love is a stable foundation on which to build a life.


why we need hope

August 12, 2014

“But you are not alone in this
And you are not alone in this
As brothers we will stand and we’ll hold your hand
Hold your hand.”
Timshel, Mumford and Sons

In the wake of the death of Robin Williams and amidst the tumultuous problems in the Middle East, I have been feeling more sad and lost lately. Why so much injustice? Why does it seem evil always wins? Why is it so hard to overcome depression, anxiety, and other mental issues? Why are these issues not being talked about [constantly] and dealt with [fixed] [now] […impatience]? It seems we would prefer to pretend the problems aren’t there, naively going on with our comfortable lives. But it is we who suffer the most. “Self-denial leads to an anxious tension that permeates everything we do. And then this nervous energy infects our relationships, our work and our parenting.” Dr Andrea Pennington is onto something with her latest article in the Huffington Post, entitled “How I Overcame Self-Loathing and Learned to Love Myself.” Instead of constantly comparing and boxing ourselves in, tucking this and changing that to make ourselves more appealing, we need to accept who we are and what we can do in order to make a positive impact in our world.

Is it possible that more of us are hiding alone in the dark than it seems? We need to come together and help each other out into the light to live a full life. We need more good! More helping those in need. More positive changes and responsible choices. More interest, more commitment, more passion. More teamwork, more please and thank yous, yessirs and yes ma’ams, more respect for the common man and the environment, more good work, more enjoyment, more laughter. In the words of Arianna Huffington, “Squashing our true selves is a major cause of fear, anxiety, and depression.” Maybe if we started to embrace what makes us feel alive instead of stuffing it down [like a turkey] because it isn’t “productive” or “possible” or “insert whatever lies you hear and tell yourself” we would start to see changes. If we give the world what it so desperately needs, no matter how small the act, the light will continue to spread. But first look at the [wo]man in the mirror and ask him to change his ways. If we start with ourselves, accepting our whole selves and forgiving our flaws, nurturing the good and selflessly loving those around us, we will be able to shine much brighter.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” John Quincy Adams


July 13, 2014

these days are so precious
don’t waste them
the sun, love, and laughter
kindred hearts
we’re different and have various interests
but we share
the desire for full life and camaraderie
and the knowledge
of our world and how we fit in it.
even us two
have fewer things in common
but we know
we’re together forever, unfailing
we’ll be stable
while the world keeps turning
and churning
we’ll be building a life
of color.
you bring your blue, i have green
we’ll meet
a family of turquoise and pink-
just think!
people of all colors and shapes,
your brother who’s orange and neat
is a vital piece
even if all we have in common
is love
and the want for a good life.



July 8, 2014

i hope you are more than an image
flickering in the day
crumbling in the night
brushing humanity with your fingertips
keep it away
far, yet in sight
afraid to be real and to feel and to live
afraid to be known, not just seen
infatuated with the facets of life
that are glamorous, amorous, exciting
choosing one path with a map
only to end up more lost than ever,
but at least you’re out there living.

take pride in your life
make something beautiful
right where you are
turn the mess into amazing
create something sustaining
accept your flaws, forgive your mistakes
with life in your veins, do whatever it takes
to live the life you’ve always dreamed-
nothing worth having is as easy as it seems.

i want you to know

July 3, 2014

i need you to hear me, to see me
i need you to know and understand me
i may not be what you expect
i may not be who you want
you may not agree or care to hear
but i have changed and i want you to know

that i’m on fire for the best
the best of what we are
i am crushed by the rest
this world is too damn hard
and i have carried the weight
of the broken world on my shoulders
for far too long
my heart is raw, spirit aching, body frail.
now i know the only thing that will fix it all
is Jesus.

thinking real thoughts worth sharing
and learning new ways worth trying
and trying to understand
the reasons for the pain
with courage i share part of me
sharing is always free

we’ll be on fire for the best
the best of what we are
we won’t be crushed by the rest
with strength we’ll carry on.
the one who carries the weight
of the broken world on his shoulders
is not gone
there’s hope for the lost and hurting souls
we know we’re not alone, good work is never done
we press on

one day there will be

April 11, 2014

how do i discover
the life of my future
where dreams will come true
where i will speak to the world
in my own way,
where i will live my own life
how i desire, how i see fit
while making a living
instead of glimpsing that life
in between work, sleep, chores, vices.
how do i become alive
instead of floating,
instead of acting like a machine?
i wish for a time
of no clocks
where money is of no consequence.
we will live in a home that is clean enough,
and only be efficient with a purpose.
most of the day
we’ll be laughing
as we’re cooking or cleaning
or tending to the garden.
we’ll be singing and creating
there will be dancing
there will be sharing.
camaraderie will drip from our lives
love will glow from our eyes
our hearts will be open and full
hugs will be plenty.
discussions for gently improving our world
will happen around a fire,
but it won’t end there.
we’ll have connections for change
because we are all connected.
we’ll work together to arrange
a better life for the rest
for the broken, for the beaten, for the lost,
for those who haven’t eaten.
we will cry, but that’s okay
’cause tears are feelings, too,
and this is how we know we are alive.
we’ll fall down, but will survive
’cause we’ll have each others’ arms as protection
and God’s love and direction.


April 6, 2014

can’t handle the pressure
think i may burst
the expectations placed on me
put me at my worst
failing to finish, to coach, and to smile
unable to juggle a life worthwhile.
“don’t take it too seriously, it’s only a job”
but a job means a paycheck,
the account’s in the green!
my debts would be gone if i were a machine!
so, slowly the lifeforce drains out of my chest,
as my frame marches on-